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    Cleaning Kit

Mitchell's Plating offers a one-of-kind cleaning kit for cleaning sacred vessels.


This is the first maintaining kit for gold and silver, and the soap has been a Mitchell's family formula since 1967.


Unlike polishes, this kit is used to clean, sanitize, and remove any oil or fingerprints from sacred vessels after use.

The Mitchell's Plating Maintenance Kit includes:

  • 2 bottles (2.7 oz each) of bright blue Purifying and Brightening Soap

  • 1 spray bottle (2.7 oz) of green Oil and Fingerprint Remover

  • 2 super soft treated towels

  • 1 How to Use guide

The soap not only cleans gold and silver surfaces, but also kills 99.99% of germs—an important feature for churches where priests often share sacred vessels, such as chalices and patens.

Only $35.99 (Plus shipping)

How To Clean Sacred Vessels
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