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    Shipping Instructions

We accept all church ware at our shop for refinishing, polishing and restoration work.

It is important that you properly pack your items to ensure a safe delivery to our shop.

​Packing Tips

Here are some packing tips for smaller items (for larger items, please contact us):

  • We recommend sending a chalice and paten in its carrying case

  • For an item without a carrying case, wrap it individually in bubble wrap and seal with packing tape

    • Note: do not wrap multiple items within the same bubble wrap

  • Use a new box large enough to allow a generous and 360° cushion of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, or bunched up newspaper

    • Note: If you hear motion inside the box the item is not packed securely

Shipper's Notes

  • You may ship your item(s) by FedEx, or USPS

  • If you use UPS or FedEx, they will properly pack your item(s) for an additional cost

  • Include adequate shipping insurance (most shippers provide $50 to $100 of insurance automatically, but this is not sufficient for most church wares)

  • Have the package marked: FRAGILE

Our Shipping Address

Mitchell's Plating

How To Send To Mitchells Plating

Free Fragile  Sticker For Items Send To Mitchells Plating

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