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  1. Here is an antique traditional Gothic Chalice & Paten set with enamels and stones as shown.
  2. All Hand crafted, hand embossed, with enamels and stones.
  3. Old French Craftsmanship! 
  4. The chalice stands 9 7/8" ht., 3 7/8" cup diam., 6 3/8" base diameter. 
  5. The cup has 3 enamels (Faith, Hope & Charity)
  6. The base has 3 enamels (Jesus, Mary, Joseph)
  7. + Node with enameled letters "+JESUS" all around.
  8. A nice older vintage French chalice, all original.
  9. The older Sterling Silver paten measures 5 5/8" diameter, hand engraved IHS on bottom.
  10. The cup and the paten are silver and goldplated.
  11. The chalice has the French Silver hallmarks on the top edge of cup.
  12. The base is brass and plated.
  13. The paten is marked "STERLING".
  14.  The set will be restored and re-plated  It dates back over 100 years old and shows signs of use as can be expected with its age.

Gothic Chalice & Paten Set

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